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Whether you’re paying rent. Or paying a friend back for a slice of pizza. Or paying for that one rare sneaker that’s going to complete your sneaker collection. With the INCHARGE app, sending money is simple, quick, and free.

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It’s always free to send money, even if the funds are headed to someone who doesn’t use INCHARGE. Does someone owe you money? It only takes a couple taps to request a payment from a friend. (Don’t worry, we’ll be very polite about it!)


Balance running low? Replenish your funds in just a few taps through our open banking option. We are also happy to accept Crypto as a top-up method.


INCHARGE is currently available in 33 countries. We’re used by anyone who needs to send money, somewhere. That includes friends, best friends, long-lost friends who are catching up, coworkers who go out for lunch together, families who live under one roof, or families spread across the world.

Which is to say, INCHARGE is used by people from every walk of life. We’re used by people just like you.


All of your funds are saved by our partner Intergiro, which takes the safety and security of your money very seriously. Intergiro is required by Swedish law to protect clients' money by safeguarding it as a financial institution. For this reason, your money is legally protected. We also use fraud detection technologies, data encryption and strong authentication solutions to do all we can to prevent fraudulent use of your account and card.

To open an account with INCHARGE, you must have a valid EEA passport or national ID, or a valid passport from another country together with a valid EEA residence permit.* In some countries, you can also use an Electronic ID (E-ID) to identify yourself. Please write to us and ask if you are unsure if your country falls into this category.

* Please note that we do not accept Italian National IDs. If you live in Italy, you must show a valid Italian passport or a passport from any country plus a valid Italian residence permit.

There are several ways to add money to your INCHARGE account. First, you have to type the desired amount or select it from the boxes with predefined amounts (minimum amount is 2 euros). Next, you have to select the payment method:

Debit or Credit Card:
If it is the first time:

  • Tap on the "+ Add card" button
  • Add the correct card details (12 to 19-digit card number, expiry date, CVC code).

You also have the option to check the box to save it as a payment method. If you have a saved payment method, you can simply tap on the card you used previously. At the moment, we only support saving one payment method at a time.

Bank Transfer (SEPA):
You'll find the details of your INCHARGE account – your IBAN, Institution Name, BIC, and Institution address. You can easily copy and paste this information into your other bank account to carry out the operation and make the top-up payment. Please note that only EUR transfers are accepted.

Instant Bank Transfer:
Selecting this option will lead you to your online banks within the specified region (currently supporting Sweden and Finland only). From there, you can pick your preferred online bank and finalise your payment. Your chosen bank will be saved for future use.

To send money from your INCHARGE account, follow these steps:

1. Log in to your INCHARGE account.
2. You will see a button on the top navigation bar on your screen that reads 'Send money;' click on it.
3. You will then see two options: a tab that reads 'INCHARGE,' where you can enter another INCHARGE user's phone number and the amount of money you want to send, plus a message describing the transaction, or;
4. You can click on the 'Bank' tab, where you can enter a recipient's name, the amount of money you want to send, and the IBAN and BIC numbers,* plus a message detailing the transaction.

​*At the moment, INCHARGE only supports holding and sending money in Euros. Therefore, all transactions must be carried out as SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) transactions in EUR, using your account IBAN and BIC (SWIFT) numbers. If not sent as a SEPA transfer, the money will be bounced back to your account.

  1. Log in to your INCHARGE app.
  2. Click on the button that reads ‘Create request’ on the top menu bars.
  3. Select the amount you wish to request and add a message below.
  4. Click on ‘Create a request’ at the bottom of your screen.
  5. A QR code will appear, which you can share by clicking on the ‘Share’ button at the bottom of your screen.
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